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Useful Links

You could do worse than to browse through a wedding website for ideas, but don't start adding extras until you have sorted the essentials.  Then if the budget allows you can embellish.

One to check out would be www.hitched.co.uk      We feature in its venue section and it offers pretty full information and checklists.  Of course, it's best to look first at the major cost items, catering and honeymoon.

You can also find a list of suppliers on www.theweddingsecret.co.uk  which is another site featuring Priory Hall among its venues listing.

If you want ball park figures for supplier costs check out a few on the recommended list, such as www.gemmahaining.com 

For an idea of flower costs try Shirley Ingham on 01473 405882 or countryroses@easynet.co.uk if you want fresh roses or rose petals.

Entertainment costs vary hugely...from hiring the kit for an ipod, to full band, disco or even a juke box so this is best left til the essentials are sorted, then you know your budget.

Your cash bar in the evening comes from a nearby pub and charges around £75 as a set up fee, but then sells at local Suffolk pub prices - and you don't have to worry about glasses, washing, rubbish, bottles or anything at all.  But to safeguard our personal and premises licences at Priory Hall we don't allow other bar suppliers. We'll try to dissuade you from having a free bar in the evening because in our experience it simply doesn't work and because it's so much hassle for you.  You'll have to pay serving staff, washer-uppers and glass collectors, you'll have to ship in the stock and take away all the bottles, can etc and you need someone capable of dealing with guests who may get just too smashed.  

I also need to point out that at Priory Hall we don't take commissions or anything similar from suppliers, so there is nothing to add to their fee on our account.  Many venues do take a percentage which, of course, ends up on your bill. Might be worth checking.

This is really all you need for basic budgeting.......but get in touch if you need more details!

Anniversary visits

There's a bonus for Priory Hall brides....you can come back for your anniversaries at no extra charge.  Just the two of you .... bottle of bubbly and a picnic.... and lots of memories.