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You can ask people not to bring children; many couples do and most people understand and are happy to comply (it means they can relax too!).  Every child will cost you to feed and each one will take adult attention. Being child free may not be possible though if you have lots of close family children; it is, after all, a family occasion.  But be aware these children will become increasingly bored and tired and will be desperately seeking escape as the day wears on. Of course, how much help you need depends on how many children of what ages you include in your list.  Unfortunately, the oft heard exasperated suggestion from parents that their children should go and explore, is not allowed at Priory Hall for safety reasons.  

Which is why we have developed a child friendly system at Priory Hall with a quiet, shoes off DVD room available with the proper supervision. You can hire in child supervisors or entertainers who can make sure the children have a good party too.  Priory Hall grounds can also be used effectively for supervised fun, such as treasure hunts, nature walks and outdoor games.  

Help with the children will cost extra but you may feel it's a price worth paying.  You could pass some of this cost onto parents who may be hugely relieved they can have a night to party. The quiet room is also useful for feeding mothers, or even older people needing a bit of quiet.

However, it is not available for children without qualified supervision.  

NB: I'm not blaming the children for this (I would have done the same) but we've had to make the knot garden out of bounds to children.  It's just too tempting to try and jump the maze hedges - and inevitably fall right in the middle of them.  This takes years to put right and spoils other wedding photos.  So we finally banned children from this small part of the garden except where they are being used for group photos with the younger guests. (Any damage is the responsibility of the bride and groom, so it's really better to make sure this doesn't happen.)

I love dogs.  We've got one.  We've also got horses, fish and chickens.  While I wouldn't want your dog pining away at home while you party away here, this is not a place where a dog can run around.  He - or she - would have to stay on a lead and wouldn't be allowed in the marquee so would spend considerable time in the car.  And it may be hot.  That's not a lot of fun for any hound.  If you can find someone to dog sit, it's going to be the kinder option, but I certainly don't ban them from the premises.  Just saying.....

Discos, bands, musicians and barn dancers and other entertainers are all allowed in the hall, though no amplified music is available outside or in the marquee.

Yes and no.....only fresh or dried flowers or bubbles. No paper (even so called biodegradable) or shiny bits....and no rice, which apparently kills birds. You could ask aged aunts, and others, to dry flower petals; they love playing a part!

Yes. On request we'll give you access to all this information - and much more - on the website. You'll be given details to log in to the members' section of www.prioryhall.com There is no accommodation on site but a lot within walking distance.

It's essential that some do! Photographers and caterers new to Priory Hall wedding venue should check the place out (though it helps if they know the place already). Family members may also want to see Priory Hall before your wedding. (But remember, a pre-wedding visit may spoil the wow factor on the day.) Visits can be arranged directly with Priory Hall on 01473 823185 or 07711 321907.or by email on cyndy.hilton@prioryhall.com

Yes...and no. Fireworks of the quiet pretty type are fine. Big bangs and whizzing sparks are not. We keep a lot of animals, especially horses, on site and we are, surprisingly, within the town.  It's not quite the same without the bangs though....but if you do want the pretty stuff, best work out when you're going to do this before you book a supplier It doesn't get dark til late in the summer and you don't want to risk breaking up a party in full swing!

Yes, but everything brought in must also be removed; all bottles/cans and rubbish have to be taken away. We don't charge corkage but the caterers might.  Best to check.

And licensing rules mean all free alcohol gets left in the marquee when the cash bar opens after your meal. You can collect it the next day but your guest can't grab it for the evening. Mixing free and paid for alcohol is a big risk to my licence!

We have a list of recommended caterers but you can choose your own as long as you give Priory Hall their details. Remember though having a caterer who knows the venue can greatly reduce stress levels.

We answer your questions and help as much as you want.  I'm happy to sit and talk through plans and, with the extensive list of recommendations, you won't really need a planner unless, maybe, you are organising long distance.  You can hire wedding planners separately, though many take commissions from suppliers and can therefore push your costs up.  Priory Hall does not take a penny from any suppliers and we are always happy to help. (Plus we've been doing it a long time and have an idea what works.....)

Any damage to property other than normal wear and tear remains the responsibility of the people hiring the facilities. Priory Hall is covered by public indemnity insurance and meets fire regulations, licensing needs etc..

Priory Hall has a premises licence and we can organise a cash bar from a local publican, well known for his bars at major Suffolk events.  And if you're thinking of doing your own bar, please think again and at least consider how you're going to deal with anyone whose had one too many, how will you manage collecting empties and washing glasses throughout the evening,  when will you bring in the drink and how will you take away all the bottles.  Then price up the staff costs (Priory Hall insists on their approved professional staff), drink costs, glasses hire and time needed to wash glasses etc, and the stress it's all going to cause you, and maybe you'd be better putting some money behind the bar...........not that I mean to rant on.....just that putting bottles on a table and letting people help themselves is definitely not an option here (it's a recipe for total mayhem and breaks licensing laws!)

There is ample parking on the site with drop-off points at the entrances. No parking in front of the hall, though. That's reserved for bridal vehicles. Cars can be left overnight but collected by 11am the following day. We do ask that nobody parks on the road at the front - there's very little space even for residents.

No we don't.  In the catering marquee we have tables, plugs and hook ups and mains water.  Ovens etc have to be brought in by the caterers, who will also be aware that there are no washing up facilities on site (their staff love this!). We do have a bar fridge for the cash bar. 

You certainly can.  Your hire is over three days so you can set up the day before.  Access is from 1pm and we do ask that you limit your set up team to 6, not including suppliers.  We have a lot to do that day and too many people tend to turn the afternoon into a garden party making our preparation work really difficult.  The day after you have access until midday to collect bits and pieces - and bottles etc if you're clearing it yourself - and for people to pick up cars left overnight. 

Well, there's the walled garden and lawns which are mostly used. Then there's the orchards and knot garden - peaceful areas complete with fountain. Given you'll all be in wedding clothes, you'll probably want to avoid the wood walk and lake walk but enjoy the views instead. In other words, you use what you want. There won't be anyone else using it on your day.

I'd like to ask when you would do this if you could?  It's not dark til late and hopefully the party will be in full swing and you wouldn't then want to break it up - same problem as fireworks - and force everyone outside. But the short answer is no, they are not allowed.

We have standard trestles which can be used for a traditional long top table.

6      5ft round tables seating 8/9

7      5ft 6in round tables seating  10/11

2      6ft 6in round tables seating 13/14

There is also a 4ft round cake table and a 3ft round one for cards etc.

The grounds are old and established and many of the brick steps are uneven and worn. However, all main areas are accessible without using steps. There is also a lot of water which does mean children must be supervised at all times.  Priory Hall is not a place where children can "go and explore". Parents also need to make sure they aren't hoovering the alcohol dregs from abandoned glasses or they're going to risk very unfortunate scenes of mess and upset.....

Our alcohol and entertainments licences finish at 11.30pm, so music and alcohol sales have to stop then so it's really carriages at midnight. There is ample time for drinking up and drifting off.

Just contact us on 01473 823185  or 07711 321907 or email cyndy.hilton@prioryhall.com

We have two easels for table plans, umbrellas (including special bridal ones in both cream and white), three high chairs, uplighting and ceiling lights in the marquee and a space heater for the marquee. There are wooden chairs for the hall and lime-washed cream chairs, with cream cushions, in the marquee. And lots of chairs, tables and benches throughout the gardens.

Anniversary visits

There's a bonus for Priory Hall brides....you can come back for your anniversaries at no extra charge.  Just the two of you .... bottle of bubbly and a picnic.... and lots of memories.