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Priory Hall Limited, registered in England No. 3510671, at Priory Hall, Benton Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5AZ


Privacy Policy

Priory Hall Ltd is committed to respecting your privacy.  This policy outlines how information is collected through www.prioryhall.com and other sources and aims to reassure you that information you supply will not be forwarded to third parties. We will not sell or lease your personal data to other organisations, institutions or authorities, unless required by law to do so.


Data received will be processed in accordance with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the following policies.


On our site you are able to request information. The personal information you provide to us may include name, address, telephone and e-mail address.  This will be used to communicate with you.  It will not be forwarded to third parties unless requested by you.


We may contact you for market research regarding our venue services but you will be able to opt out of any such surveys. If we wish to use your personal data for any other reason, you will be contacted first for approval. All personal data held by Priory Hall Ltd will be kept safe and secure.


Links to other websites

www.prioryhall.com contains links to other websites owned and operated by third parties who may ask you for personal information. Priory Hall Ltd is not responsible for the privacy practices of those websites although its name or logo may appear on those websites. Please read the privacy statements of all websites you visit.



This website provides general information; it does not provide legal or professional advice. While we make every effort to keep the contents accurate and up to date we are not responsible or liable for any use to which the content is put. Priory Hall Ltd. is not responsible for the content of external sites which link to this site or are linked from it.


Copyright Notice

The copyright in this website belongs to Priory Hall Ltd and all our rights are reserved. No images or words from www.prioryhall.com can be reused in any fashion unless prior consent has been gained from the directors of Priory Hall Ltd.



Parts of the website, notably the lists of recommended suppliers, are accessible only on request with specific and individual access codes. This is kept as up to date as possible but Priory Hall Ltd takes no responsibility for changes which affect the information provided.  Apart from this closed area, the site is fully inclusive.


Terms and conditions



All bookings must be confirmed in writing.  Written confirmation will be taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions.  A deposit of £1000 will be payable on booking with the remainder due two months before the hire date. Access will not be given without full payment.



Once a deposit is paid the date is removed from availability and thus represents a loss to Priory Hall Ltd if subsequently cancelled.  Thus any cancellation before nine months of the hire date will incur a charge of 10% of the full hire fee.  Cancellation within nine months of the event means the hirer is liable to pay the booking fee in full (50% of the full hire fee) although every effort will be made to re-let the day.



Priory Hall Ltd is fully insured for public liability.  However, the hirer is responsible and liable and shall indemnify Priory Hall Ltd  in respect of any damage, theft, loss etc caused to the premises or its contents by the hirer or any person in his employ or any of his contractors or guests however caused and by whom.  The hirer shall pay Priory Hall Ltd the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage.


Priory Hall shall not be responsible for any loss due to mechanical breakdown, failure in power supply, flood, fire, government restriction or any unforeseen event which may cause the function to be interrupted.  Clients or their suppliers remain responsible for security and insurance of any special or extra equipment they bring in and for its removal at the end of the event.


Priory Hall Ltd accepts no liability for loss or damage to property belonging to attendees or suppliers attending a function at Priory Hall.  Any goods left overnight are the responsibility of the hirer or his suppliers.


Car parking

Cars can be left overnight in Priory Hall car park but must be removed by noon the following day. There is no guarantee of access after that time. Priory Hall accepts no responsibility for them or their contents. The management reserve the right to charge a daily or part daily parking fee of £50 if cars are not removed in due time. Permission cannot be given for guests to stay in the car park overnight either in vehicles or under canvas.



Licensing hours are until 11:30.  At this time all alcohol sales must stop and all entertainment cease.  Ample time is allowed for drinking up and clearing up.



The hirer is responsible for forwarding details of suppliers, guest numbers, timings etc within two months of the event.  Unless otherwise stated, the hirer is responsible for ensuring, either personally or through suppliers, that all catering rubbish, all glasses, empty or full bottles and cans are removed from the site at the end of the event.



Hirers can have access to Priory Hall for a setting-up group of up to six people from 1pm on the day before the event and midday the day after.



Priory Hall is keen to ensure all hirers can design their own day and will discuss individual requirements.  Hirers can decorate within the hall and marquee provided no tape, nails or pins are used on walls or wood and no bluetac etc on any walls and paintwork.  Flowers must be within waterproof containers (ie not terracotta). Fire restrictions prevent the use of naked flames; all candles/nightlights must be fully enclosed in glass and must be extinguished before the evening party. Please check with the management for use of other garden or indoor embellishments.



Priory Hall is not allowed amplification other than in the hall.  This is governed by local planning restrictions. Non amplified music can be used elsewhere by arrangement with the management.


Bad behavior

The management reserves the right to evict from the premises anybody behaving in an abusive, threatening or illegal fashion, causing or likely to cause damage to people, property or livestock.



Please contact Priory Hall if you want to bring dogs, or any other animal, onto the site. Prior agreement for this is mandatory.  Please be aware there are horses on site.



Only real petals or bubbles can be used at Priory Hall.  Paper confetti, whether biodegradable or not, and rice, are not allowed.


Fireworks, sky lanterns, ball and frisbee games of any sort are not allowed in Priory Hall grounds. Party poppers with paper streamers are also on the banned list.


Children must be kept under the supervision of responsible, non-intoxicated adults at all times. There is unguarded deep water on the premises and children must not be left unattended.


Please contact Priory Hall regarding use of outdoor equipment.

Anniversary visits

There's a bonus for Priory Hall brides....you can come back for your anniversaries at no extra charge.  Just the two of you .... bottle of bubbly and a picnic.... and lots of memories.