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Can we bring our dog?

I love dogs.  We've got one.  We've also got horses, fish and chickens.  While I wouldn't want your dog pining away at home while you party away here, this is not a place where a dog can run around.  He - or she - would have to stay on a lead and wouldn't be allowed in the marquee so would spend considerable time in the car.  And it may be hot.  That's not a lot of fun for any hound.  If you can find someone to dog sit, it's going to be the kinder option, but I certainly don't ban them from the premises.  Just saying.....

Anniversary visits

There's a bonus for Priory Hall brides....you can come back for your anniversaries at no extra charge.  Just the two of you .... bottle of bubbly and a picnic.... and lots of memories.