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Can we have a cash bar?

Priory Hall has a premises licence and we can organise a cash bar from a local publican, well known for his bars at major Suffolk events.  And if you're thinking of doing your own bar, please think again and at least consider how you're going to deal with anyone whose had one too many, how will you manage collecting empties and washing glasses throughout the evening,  when will you bring in the drink and how will you take away all the bottles.  Then price up the staff costs (Priory Hall insists on their approved professional staff), drink costs, glasses hire and time needed to wash glasses etc, and the stress it's all going to cause you, and maybe you'd be better putting some money behind the bar...........not that I mean to rant on.....just that putting bottles on a table and letting people help themselves is definitely not an option here (it's a recipe for total mayhem and breaks licensing laws!)

Anniversary visits

There's a bonus for Priory Hall brides....you can come back for your anniversaries at no extra charge.  Just the two of you .... bottle of bubbly and a picnic.... and lots of memories.