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What to do with the children? And what not to do.....

You can ask people not to bring children; many couples do and most people understand and are happy to comply (it means they can relax too!).  Every child will cost you to feed and each one will take adult attention. Being child free may not be possible though if you have lots of close family children; it is, after all, a family occasion.  But be aware these children will become increasingly bored and tired and will be desperately seeking escape as the day wears on. Of course, how much help you need depends how many children of what ages you include in your list.  Unfortunately, the oft heard exasperated suggestion from parents that their children should go and explore, is not allowed at Priory Hall for safety reasons.

Which is why we have developed a child friendly system at Priory Hall with a quiet, shoes off DVD room available with the proper supervision. And we have a local group of highly qualified child carers who can do just that. Hadleigh based Little Guests Wedding Creche is managed by Emma Longman and Sue Mcfadyen. They will tailor their creche to individual needs and make sure the children have a great time too. The extensive grounds at Priory Hall can lead to child disasters - falling in the ponds, off trees or into nettle beds - but can also be used effectively for supervised fun, such as treasure hunts, nature walks and outdoor games.

This will, of course, cost extra - not the room but the child carers - but you may feel it's a price worth paying.  You could pass some of this cost onto parents who may be hugely relieved they can have a night to party. This room is also useful for feeding mothers, or even older people needing a bit of quiet.

However, it is not available for children without qualified supervision.  If the Little Guests scheme sounds like a good plan you can contact Emma on 07795663290  or Sue on 07765281419  or enquiries@littleguests.co.uk     For more details go to www.littleguests.co.uk

And this way you can have the best of both worlds - and no bad feeling!

NB: Due to repeated damage to the knot garden hedges, children are not allowed into the knot garden, except if needed for photographs. (It's worth remembering that any damage is the responsibility of the bride and groom, so it's really better to make sure this doesn't happen.)

Anniversary visits

There's a bonus for Priory Hall brides....you can come back for your anniversaries at no extra charge.  Just the two of you .... bottle of bubbly and a picnic.... and lots of memories.